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Titanium Siphon Alcohol Burner Turbo System EDDY-101

Goshawk Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove is designed for long-distance hikers and ultralight backpackers. Easy to pack and quick to bloom. More

Titanium Wood Gasifier Stove

The breakthrough in the use environment and the ultra-lightweight make it possible to use wood stoves when hiking. This unstoppable will further reduce the weight of the fuel you carry, More

Convertible Windproof Open Coil Stove EDDY-X

The burner is an integrated convertible stand.
The bracket is assisted by a spring, and you only need to move your fingers to place it in place. More

Steampunk & Open Coil Siphon Alcohol Stove

Open Coil Siphon Burner has better fuel efficiency than Original Spirit burner and can boil water quickly.Original Spirit burne needs 22g-30g of fuel to boil 500ml of water. But OCS Burner only needs about 15 grams. This is due to the copper heating tube.It has a vortex flame channel and an inwardly burning flame. The flame burns completely and can be applied to pots or cups with smaller diameters. 

Classic style brass Stand. Suitable for simmering ring or without simmering ring. Stand can be stored and locked on burner.

Turbo Burner System (TBS)

We have continuously optimized the flame channel and produced the TBS.

The TBS incorporates high-power Siphon Burner and achieves the best balance between oxygen supply and wind protection in a limited space.After the TBS is fully activated, a large amount of air will be drawn from below. The air drives the flame to spray from above in a vortex. This allows it to boil water quickly and resist climate change.

All parts are made of Titanium.