Siphon Alcohol Stove Steampunk EDDY-X

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Copper Open Coil Burner EDDY-X
It has copper tubes to assist preheating. This enables it to quickly blossom.

The flame is burned in the state of eddy current.

Bloom time (Ethanol): 15 seconds
Bloom time (Methanol): 12 seconds

It has a large capacity and can hold 90 ml of alcohol. It also comes with a sealed lid for easy carrying (it is best to burn 60ml of alcohol)

With the Simmering Ring
The Simmering Ring gives you flame control by dropping it over the top of the burner, so you can boil water or simmer your laksa, and it packs away neatly inside the cooker assembly.
The stand is suitable for simmering ring. The stand can be stored and locked on the burner.
It is suitable for Trangia 25 or 27 cooking system. And can greatly accelerate the operation speed of the entire system.

Weight: 68 grams

Height: 44 mm

Diameter: 73 mm

Material: Brass & Copper

Maximum capacity: 90ml (60ml recommended)

Bloom time (Ethanol): 15 seconds
Bloom time (Methanol): 12 seconds

Fuel consumption/heating power (reference):
Burn with 500ml of water and 30ml of fuel, boil at 5:45 and extinguish at 9:20 (Ethanol)
Burn with 500ml of water and 30ml of fuel, boil at 6:45 and extinguish at 10:30 (Methanol)

Goshawk OCB burner            x 1
Seal cover                               x 1
Simmering Ring                     x 1
Storage bag                            x 1

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Alexander S.
United Kingdom

Alcohol stove

Excellent product, looks and performs great

Michael C.
Australia Australia

Steampunk EDDY-X

Light weight great for hiking.

Chuck L.
United States United States

Fast and Fuel Effecient.

I ordered the Siphon Alcohol Stove Steampunk EDDY-X with a included stand back in June of 2021. It arrived here a little later and was exactly as described by Goshawk. It's solid Brass and for practical purposes made me think of a Trangia. The EDDY-X has replaced my Trangia. After the alcohol ( denatured in my choice ) is added and you light it , unlike the Trangias longer waiting time the EDDY-X is at a full bloom and rearing to go in about 12 seconds. I can use my EDDY-X in any of the Trangia accessories I have and even a Titanium Clickstand. I believe the only improvement would be if it was offered in Titanium & that's just a weight consideration.

Kevin c.
New Zealand New Zealand


Didn't like it at all. To unstable and difficult to use.

United States United States

Great Stove BUT...

It is a beautiful stove very quick to boil water, at least faster than my other stoves. However mine leaks I did e-mail customer service but they did not see fit to even respond not even Oh, Well too bad. Nothing. I wanted a second one and may still get another but their customer service SUCKS. Kind of fixed it with JB Weld looks like crap and had to put 2 layers but I think I got it. At least flames aren't comming out of the side. So they are great stoves, look good, and if you get a good one they work great but if you getr a bad one you are on your own they don't want to know about it, they won't answer your complaint, Maybe they are chinese You have problem we will ignore.



Our customer service email is We always reply to every email unless we are backpacking. :)