Titanium Multi-fuel Burner EDDY-200 Pioneer

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The kettle in the set has been updated to version 2.0

All titanium. This material makes it super lightweight, only 100g.

The burner can use wood or alcohol. Dual fuel to cope with changing weather. It can still provide you with hot meals, even in wind and rain.

The EDDY-200 has the resistance of the climate and ultra-light. It is a choice to use the firewood furnace when backpacking. This unstoppable will further reduce the weight of the fuel you carry.

Diameter:   90mm
Height:       100mm
Weight:      100g

Turn the stand to low gear to accommodate the alcohol burner.
Turn the stand to high gear to accommodate firewood or renewable fuel.

When the burner uses as a wood stove, it is a secondary combustion Wood Gas Stove Cooker with multiple oxygen supplies.

As the smallest Wood Gas Stove, it can thoroughly burn wood until white ashes remain.

The double-layer structure allows the flame to be fully supplied with oxygen while keeping it away from wind and rain.

Damp wood can still burn. The Goshawk siphon alcohol stove can dry and ignite them below; this makes the starting of the woodstove reliable and straightforward. You only need to consume a small amount of alcohol.

When the burner uses as an alcohol stove, it can use with a Goshawk siphon alcohol stove. The groove at the bottom of the burner can hold the siphon alcohol stove and the surrounding wind tunnel specially designed for a siphon alcohol stove.

Burners driven by alcohol have rapid firepower and high efficiency. 

Time to boil two cups of water:

4 minutes and 15 seconds of Ethanol 

5 minutes and 15 seconds of Methanol

Less than 4 minutes of wood


Without siphon alcohol stove ($59.79) Wood Gas Stove


Titanium Multi-fuel Stove


With siphon alcohol stove ($89.79) Multi-Fuel Stove Set


Titanium Multi-fuel Stove

Siphon Heat Accumulation Alcohol Burner


With Titanium kettle 750ML ($109.79) Wood Gas Cooking System


Titanium Multi-fuel Stove

Titanium kettle 750ML 2.0 Version


With siphon alcohol stove & Titanium kettle 750ML ($139.79) Multi-Fuel Stove Cooking System


Titanium Multi-fuel Stove

Siphon Heat Accumulation Alcohol Burner

Titanium kettle 750ML 2.0 Version

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Australia Australia

A revolution!

Portable version of wood gasifier stove. This makes my journey one more choice!

Dewayne C.
Canada Canada

Nice stove really disappointing that you applied the decal to the box it came in. This means that the decal was thrown away with the box instead of adding it to my collection.

Brandon V.
United States United States

Great Burner

I am loving this little burner. It fits my kit perfectly. I love using it with an alcohol stove too.

Schuch D.
Taiwan Taiwan

Functional Test

The stove works as expected but the two step pot rests are not. They fall out of position too easy and need tools to correct the position!

Steve M.
United States United States

A real gem!

What I really love about this stove is the "cottage" type craftsmanship. It's built to last. It functions just as described so I'm happy i didn't buy one of those super expensive models. Takes about 8 minutes to get a mug of boiling water. I wanted a way to save weight on longer expeditions and it has cut out the weight of a mid size iso butane canister, which is considerable. I also purchased the titanium mug and the stove nests perfectly inside. Burning wood is a different creature than gas and not as convenient as one needs to plan ahead and have a collection of small twigs if rain is coming or going above treeline, but it's not an issue for me. Your pot is going to get black and yucky so make sure to have something to wrap it in for packing. Unlimited rounds of tea in the evening is a big plus!