Era 2.0 Sneak Peek!

Era 2.0 Sneak Peek!

Constantly Cooking Up Improvements: Meet Era 2.0!

Ever since Era hit the shelves, we've been secretly giving its core a makeover – six times to be exact! But hey, who's counting? Now, get ready for Era 2.0, featuring the latest in hardcore oxidation tech and some seriously eye-catching tweaks to the core. We've even fine-tuned the nozzle angles for a flame that's prettier than ever before! 

This hot new version is still in the testing phase, but mark your calendars for a mid-June release.


  • Ant…

    I want one Now!!! LOL

  • Eic

    What! I just ordered the original (hasn’t even made it to me) and now this! I love your hard work, but that is just plain bad timing for me.

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