Era 2.0 is now available!

Era 2.0 is now available!

We are excited to introduce several significant enhancements to our latest product:

Enhanced Core Design: The core interior now features finely detailed grooves. This innovation increases the preheating surface area, and the capillary action raises the fuel level, boosting fuel evaporation during the blooming phase.

Advanced Hard Anodizing Technology: We have applied the latest hard anodizing technology, resulting in a more robust oxidation layer. This improvement ensures greater durability and longevity.

Optimized Jet Angle: Based on extensive testing, we have adjusted the jet angle to create a flame with stronger centripetal force. This adjustment forms a more powerful vortex, enhancing overall performance.

We believe these updates will significantly improve your experience and efficiency. Despite these enhancements, we are pleased to announce that the price remains unchanged. Thank you for your continued support!