New Ideas about Craft-53MM: Hard to Imagine Anything Lighter

New Ideas about Craft-53MM: Hard to Imagine Anything Lighter

Introducing the Ultimate Portable Cookware Set!
Our new cookware set is revolutionizing portable cooking, it could make a kangaroo's pouch look spacious.

The whole system packs down to the size of a burner—seriously, it almost can't get any more portable.

The whole system, designed for ultimate portability, features a base made from sturdy 2mm diameter titanium rods and a top flame barrier crafted from 0.3mm memory titanium alloy sheets.

Thanks to the strength of the memory titanium alloy, the flame barrier can double as a support stand, a significant improvement over older models that required additional supports.

In our tests, this demo version successfully supported up to 2 liters without any damage. However, please consider its diameter when purchasing and using it. We need to emphasize that it’s not suitable for large-diameter cookware used for group cooking.

Perfect for solo adventures or small meals, this compact set is your new go-to for portable cooking.

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  • Fenton Painter

    Could you please engineer a folding tripod stand for our stoves to sit on for stability on uneven ground. Things get a bit wobbly when you can’t get a perfectly flat and level surface to place the stove on. Something very similar to the MSR universal canister stand, but made of Ti, would be ideal.
    Thanks in advance

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