Rapid Boiling - Era Burner & AZ-0 Windproof Stand

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Era Burner (Dark Grey)

The Era burner only needs 3 minutes to boil two cups of water.

To break the power limit of the siphon alcohol burner. We placed 20 heat storage blocks in the burner. 
The internal heat storage block preheats the vaporized alcohol after the heat is wholly stored and pushes the burner to the highest power.

The Era cooking system is modular. You will be able to assemble and disassemble any component.

R&D and creation are our greatest pleasure! We will continue to make more components for this system.

The AZ-0 windproof stand will be bundled and sold as an introductory module.

Era Burner
Material AA7075-T6 aluminium alloy by hard anodizing
Diameter75mm. Height: 50mm.

AZ-0 Windproof Stand
Material AA7075-T6 aluminium alloy by hard anodizing
Diameter: 74.5mm. Height: 50mm.

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Singapore Singapore


When will this re-stock?

Don R.
Australia Australia

Era Burner

I have used a lot of metho stoves, but decided to give the Era a go. It is without doubt the fastest boiling metho stove I’ve used. The swirling vortex flame is actually almost hypnotic. Fuel consumption might be a little more than a Trangia, I’ve not measured consumption, but the speed to boil readily compensates. A couple of observations, firstly the tiny pot holders are a little slippery if using a mug or small diameter billy. Secondly the base is smooth so on some surfaces (eg soggy ground or sand) it’s best to press it down to get a solid purchase. The stove is heavier than the lightest metho stoves, but it’s robustness more than compensates. If you like metho stoves, for their simplicity, silence and convenience, you would probably love the Era. Recommended.

Jeff J.
United States United States

Amazing stove

It does everything as advertised… beautiful flame… superb wind blockage, super light and so very sleek looking…. A must have!!

Sherry S.
United States United States

Rapid heat requires more fuel

If you are looking for an alcohol stove the will rapid heat/boil, then this stove will do that. Unfortunately, that comes at the cost of a higher rate of burn and potentially wasted fuel. The stove has no way of snuffing and recapturing fuel, so if you don’t get the fuel quantity correct, then you may also waste fuel. Also, due to the baffles, if you do create a way to snuff out, you need to wait for it to cool so the fuel drains into bottom. But even then, if try to pour out to save, the fuel may still go into baffles preventing saving.

Bob L.
Canada Canada

It's an awesome stove and you have an awesome store