What are we doing recently?

What are we doing recently?

The Era burner has undergone several updates.
Enthusiasts originally conceived it, but it can only be presented through 3D printing.
We improved the program and kept the core idea. We will pay the initial builder funds for each burner sold until the burner disappears or we disappear. LOL

The era has changed many times before undergoing public testing. Sometimes it is because of processing difficulty, but we often hope it is better to use. After all, if it is not better than existing burners, we have no reason to make it.

The final product undergoes turning, milling, grinding and hard oxidation processing. And some parts are formed by 3D printing. It's done!

We are just a small processing plant. Our production capacity is minimal. To ensure that Era burners have sufficient supply after they are on the market, we will have to postpone the time to market.
But this will not delay the sending date of the first batch of samples. We are very grateful for your participation in the test and your valuable comments!

Kind regards,
Goshawk Team

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What is the next generation of alcohol burner. . .

Era burner test has been completed. Thank you all for participating!

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