What is the next generation of alcohol burner. . .

What is the next generation of alcohol burner. . .

We have been working hard to develop a new generation of burners. We have high expectations for it.

To achieve conventional alcohol burner can not reach high efficiency. This burner needs to inject fuel at twice the speed under normal atmospheric pressure.

For this we have developed a 3-layer natural pressurization system.

The 3D printed samples performed extraordinary.


A new generation of burners is coming.



At the same time, we are still making low-cost but high-efficiency siphon alcohol stoves. The new generation of siphon alcohol stove will be made of brass. It is O-ring compatible and comes with a sealed lid to store unused alcohol.

This burner is efficient, easy to use and cost-effective. This is still a wise choice!

The listing price is only 29.95 Australian dollars!

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