Portable Spirit Burner OP-02 "Victoria"

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OP-02 looks like a traditional brass burner. But it is Capillary Hoop Burner.

It has everything that a brass burner has;

Sealing Cap

Simmer Ring

High Quality

Fit cooking system

At the same time, OP-02 has the high efficiency and power of Capillary Hoop Burner.

OP-02 boils two cups of water within 5 minutes. It is more powerful and more fuel-efficient than traditional brass burners. If you intend to update your cooking system but do not want to change your habits over the years. OP-02 might be appropriate.

We designed a windproof stand for it. It is practical and straightforward, just like OP-01.

The windproof stand can be stored outside the burner and fixed.

This windproof stand is suitable for any other brass burners.