6 Pcs Titanium Tent Peg Ground Ultralight 5g Stakes

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It is pure titanium. Aluminium, aluminium alloy, stainless steel and titanium are commonly used in outdoor products. 

Stainless steel is heavy, so it is mostly used for camping instead of backpacking. Aluminium and aluminium alloys are the most cost-effective materials. 
But titanium has the advantage of being worth the price. Its strength is the highest in metal, and its weight is the lightest. This makes it ideal for backpacking. 
Titanium is expensive to use on a large area, but we can use it in the most worthwhile part, such as nail stakes, to guarantee your safe sleep.
The advantage of using titanium Tent Peg is that you can further optimize the weight of your tent. 
And easy to insert into the hard ground. It does not apply to hammers, but it also does not require a hammer. It can be easily inserted into the hard ground.

The surface of our titanium is sandblasted and art burned and cannot be imitated by other metals.

huge head bent, easy to mount the tent.

It has the lightest weight in the world, only 5g per nail. It is 1/10 of the weight of a traditional steel nail. 
Thanks to the high strength of titanium, it can be made finer while maintaining strength. 
The 10 Nail Stakes are only 50g, which can greatly reduce the weight of your tent.
It has great value if you like UL hiking.

Weight: 5 g

Length: 168 mm


6 Pcs Titanium Outdoor Camping Trip Tent Peg Ground Ultralight 5g Nail Stakes
Comes with a 210T plaid custom bag.

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