Open Coil Spiral Burner EDDY-Y

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Open Coil Burner
Open Coil burner has better fuel efficiency than the Original Spirit burner and can boil water quickly.

  • It has a vortex flame channel and an inwardly burning flame.
  • The flame burns completely and can be applied to pots or cups with smaller diameters.
  • The flame will be fully utilized and will not heat the sky.

Weight: 25 grams

Height: 44 mm

Diameter: 71 mm

Material: Aluminum

Maximum capacity: 90ml (60ml recommended)

Bloom time (Ethanol): 12 seconds
Bloom time (Methanol): 10 seconds

Fuel consumption/heating power (reference):
Burn with 500ml of water and 30ml of fuel, boil at 5:05 and extinguish at 9:20 (Ethanol)
Burn with 500ml of water and 30ml of fuel, boil at 6:18 and extinguish at 9:55 (Methanol)

Goshawk OCB burner            x 1
Seal cover                               x 1
Titanium stent                       x 1

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Australia Australia
Unexpected! Its STAND is made of titanium alloy!

I didn't even notice that the Stand was made of titanium. I thought it was stainless steel or aluminium. Aluminium burner, titanium stand, all of it very light! Smart choice!