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OP-100 has a sealing cap to store alcohol.

Material: Aluminium alloy by hard anodizing
Diameter: 72mm. Height: 44mm.

AZ-100 Windproof stand
Made of titanium.

Swirling flame

Sealing cap



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Ryan J.
United States United States

Well Built!

This thing is awesome! Puts out a beautiful flame pattern and nests perfectly in all my titanium camping cups even my Tito’s 450ml that’s a bit skinnier and not an average dimension. Well crafted and just an awesome piece of gear to have in the kit. It does eat up fuel slightly more than some of my other stoves but it also brings it to a boil faster and shipping did take awhile but it traveled across the globe to get to me. Just buy the thing and definitely get the stand as well!

Bob B.
United States United States

Swirling Flame - OP 100

I was impressed with the OP 100 burner and stand right out of the box. It's a good, sturdy build like the Era burner. At first I thought that the flame to pot height was a little low at 1", but then I put it to the test. I used 1 oz of denatured alcohol, 2 cups of water in a Toaks 900 ml wide pot. I gave the burner 1 min. to bloom, then set the pot. I got a rolling boil in 4 min 20 sec. Total burn time was 10 mins. The stand was solid with no wobble and a good grip on the pan. The diameter fit almost every pot or pan I own except for a heat exchanger that fit too close for comfort. One thing to watch is the fine threads on the screw cap. Be careful not to strip them in haste. And, of course, the flame pattern is cool. I call this stove system a success!

Steve H.
South Africa South Africa

A Goshawk in Africa

Hi Nick Received my OP 100 on Friday and had it out on my walks over the weekend. Only used it to make Coffey but it is a nice stove. Well made and boils water quickly. Will try it with a number of other stove set up to find which one it works best with. Lots more adventures to do down here in KwaZulu-Natal Natal, South Africa so it will come in handy. Will let you know. Thanks for a great product

Daniel L.
France France

Nothing beats it!

While I love my Era stove from Goshawk and often watch, mesmerized by its vortex flame, the OP-100 has taken things to a new level. The flame is virtually silent and is more concentrated and refind. One of the best purchases I have ever made and it is inexpensive. I do wish, however, that it would come with its own stand, like the Era. Fantastic piece of kit and very highly recommended.

Patrick D.
Ireland Ireland

Great looking Stove

Works well flame pattern is reall cool overall a great stove!!