Emergency Space Blankets First Aid Waterproof

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1 x Emergency Space Blankets Camping Survival Rescue First Aid

Many people know about it only to wrap the body, but its role is far more than that.

It can be placed under your sleeping pad to bounce your body temperature.
It can be urgently made into a canopy or even a simple tent.
It can be used to distil water in an emergency.
It can be glued to cardboard and made into a reflector.
It can be placed in front of the car to block heat in the sun.
It can even act as the delivery of water sources.
It can stop the rainwater, whether as raincoats or canopy also.

It is not a one-off, as long as you fold it again. Don't roll it into a ball, which will make it much larger.

-100% Brand New & Good Quality.

-Colour: Silver.

-Large size: 210cm x 160cm.

-Weight: approx. 58g each.

-The material is designed to reflect up to 90 per cent of radiated heat.

-Material: Mylar film with Aluminium coating.

-Easy to storage.

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