Multi-function Windproof Open Coil Stove EDDY-X

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Open Coil Burner EDDY-X

It has copper tubes to assist preheating. This enables it to quickly blossom.

The flame is burned in the state of eddy current.

It can be started within 18 seconds (ambient temperature 15-25 degrees).

It has a large capacity and can hold 90 ml of alcohol. It also comes with a sealed lid for easy carrying (it is best to burn 60ml of alcohol).

The burner is an integrated multi-function stand. 

When the bracket is closed, it can cope with changing weather and is suitable for small-sized pots.
When the bracket is in the unfolded state, it can provide strong support for large pots and pans.

Full brass build

With the Simmering Ring
The slow fire ring can be placed on the top of the burner to control the flame, so you can boil water or use a small hot pot for cooking a small fire and neatly storing it inside the cookware assembly.

Weight: 250 grams

Height: 70 mm

Diameter: 90 mm

Material: Brass

Maximum capacity: 90ml (60ml recommended)

Start-up time (warm-up time): 18 seconds

Fuel consumption/heating power (reference):
Burn with 500ml of water and 30ml of fuel, boil at 5:45 and extinguish at 10:15 (depending on ambient temperature and other conditions)

Multifunction Windproof OCB Stove            x 1
Seal cover                                                         x 1
Simmering Ring                                               x 1
Storage bag                                                      x 1