Brass Alcohol Burner

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Cost-effective brass alcohol stove with Simmering Ring and Cross Stand, which can handle various situations.
With the Simmering Ring 
The Simmering Ring gives you flame control by dropping it over the top of the burner, so you can boil water or simmer your laksa, 
and it packs away neatly inside the cooker assembly. 

With Stainless Steel Cross Stand
Traditional material, the most reliable material.

The burner's capacity is 100ml, and the fuel can be continuously burned for 30min each time.

Alcohol stove size:
Height 42mm
Outer diameter 73mm
Inner diameter 40mm

Windshield bracket size: 99mm x 29mm

Goshawk Brass Alcohol stove                       x 1
Brass Seal Cap                                               x 1
Stainless Steel Cross Stand                           x 2
A Simmering Ring                                         x 1