Boil & Simmer EDDY-502 "Babylon"

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"Babylon" is a flame-controllable burner.

The eight copper tubes inside the burner can ensure that the heat energy of the burner is at its peak. The upper part of the burner is removable. This part integrates stand, wind-proof and fire-adjusting structures.

You only need to pull the joystick. "Babylon" can be switched between boiling, simmering and closing.
Please adjust to the minimum firepower before turning off the burner.

The burner has a sealing cover to store excess fuel.
You will be able to store 120ml of fuel on the burner. But it is recommended to add up to 80ml to get fast blooming.

Material: Copper, brass
Diameter: 85mm. Height: 68mm.
Weight: 205g

Optional thermal insulation holster.