Titanium Wood-gas Stove EDDY-206 Atomic

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All titanium.

Atomic is a professional wood-gas stove.

The weight of Atomic is 162g.
Folded 90mm x 100mm.
Unfolded 90mm x 170mm.

What is Atomic?

We tried our best to put a complete version of the wood-gas stove into the kettle.
And we did it.

Atomic is not a watered-down version of a mini wood burner. It has everything a wood-gas stove should have.


It can still be folded into the kettle. Atomic's expansion is effortless. It consists of only two parts. The upper part integrates folding stands and stuffing holes. The lower part is the double-walled combustion chamber.

The upper part is stored in the double-walled mezzanine.


Without Titanium kettle 750ML ($69.79) Wood Gas Stove


Titanium Wood-gas stove


With Titanium kettle 750ML ($109.79) Wood Gas Cooking System


Titanium Wood-gas stove

Titanium kettle 750ML


The Bonfire kit ($45) Does not contain EDDY-206 body


Titanium Fire Pit

Titanium Base