Aluminum Ultralight Cookware

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Made of 1N00 series lightweight anodized aluminium. High thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. Lightweight and easy to clean.
It has high ductility and will not leak even if deformed. Is your loyal partner when travelling outdoors.
The included two-size canvas storage bag can degrade in nature and is easy to wash.

We didn't choose other materials because we wanted to make the lightest pot for the UL backpack travel that is becoming mainstream.

This set of pots contains 2 pots (1.4L & 1L) and 2 pans, a common handle, and two canvas storage bags of different sizes. 
Two storage bags are included to make it easy for users to carry a small pot for single travel.

You can combine them arbitrarily.

We strictly control weight to give users an extraordinary experience. We want to make the most of it but never waste it.


1.4L saucepan                  66g (6.5inches)  
1L    saucepan                  52g (5.5inches)  
Large Frying pan              50g (7inches)
Small Frying pan              33g (6inches)
Large storage bag            29g
Small storage bag            27g
Handle                               34g