Outdoor Windshield Alcohol Stove Stent

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The bracket combines windproof function and is suitable for any stove with a diameter of less than 10cm and a height of less than 5.5cm.

Once they get stuck with each other, they become an indestructible one. Enough to support all the pots used by individuals and small groups.

It can isolate the strong winds of the outdoors. This means you don't need to carry an extra windshield.

Its bottom is designed with a venting port that allows the alcohol stove to burn fully without being affected by strong winds.

This bracket has a stable structure. Suitable for most alcohol stoves.

We have two models to choose from.
The cylindrical style can match any alcohol stove with a height of 55mm and a diameter of less than 100mm.
The triangle pattern can match most standard stainless steel or titanium alloy alcohol stoves.
If you are not sure if your alcohol stove is suitable for triangle style, we recommend you buy cylindrical style.

Triangle Weight: Stainless steel Triangle Windshield bracket 23g/ea

Triangle Windshield bracket size: 120mm x 60mm

Cylindrical Weight: Stainless steel Windproof bracket 25g/ea

Cylindrical Windproof bracket size: 180mm x 68mm

Cylindrical Working size: Height: 68mm and Diameter: 100mm.

Alcohol stoves are not included.

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