6Pcs Aluminum Alloy Trip Tent Snow Loose Sand Stakes

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If you have plans to climb a snowy mountain in the winter, there is one thing that must be prepared.
Then maybe you don't need a high altitude snow line tent if you are not afraid of cold enough. But it would help if you still had some snow pegsOnly they can ensure that your tent is firmly fixed on the snow.

They are 40mm wide and long enough to be deeply plunged into the snow.
They are U-shaped and are specifically designed to withstand tensile forces in the snow or \soft sand.

It is worth noting that you may not need this dedicated peg if you only camp on the beaches in general. You can check out the other triangular sand pegs we sell, which are cheaper and lighter.

The tail of the peg has a barbed structure, which makes it easy to mount the tent.

Orange is the brightest colour and is not easily lost. Especially in the snow. And they are big, believe me, and you won't lose them.

The aluminium alloy gives it both hardness and weight, only a little heavier than pure titanium, but at a price five times cheaper.

Weight: 38 g

Length: 230 mm


6Pcs 23cm Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Camping Trip Tent Snow Loose Sand Peg Stakes

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