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1 x Emergency Space PREMIUM Blankets Hiking Camping Survival Rescue First Aid

Many people know about it only to wrap the body, but its role is far more than that.

It can be placed under your sleeping pad to bounce your body temperature.
It can be urgently made into a canopy or even a simple tent.
It can be used to distill water in an emergency.
It can be glued to cardboard and made into a reflector.
It can be placed in front of the car to block heat in the sun.
It can even act as the delivery of water sources.
It can stop the rain water, whether as raincoats or canopy also

Name: emergency blanket can be used repeatedly

Brand: aotu
Model: AT9041

Specifications: CM 210*130

Material: PE (tear resistant material, can be used repeatedly)

Thickness: 26UM micron (0.0026CM) film (thickness thickness)

Weight: 72 grams

Size after folding: 14*8*3CM

Note: this material can be used repeatedly for a long time is not easy to break

Color: orange (emergency first aid)


1. in the low temperature environment, can maintain its own 90% of the heat does not emit

2 .can be used as a picnic mat

3. professional first aid color, it is easier to let the rescue personnel found, as a tool for survival in the wild. In the sleeping bag with a layer of first aid blanket can improve the ability to keep the heat, to ensure that the sleeping temperature is good.

4. emergency emergency blanket cold, when the rest can be used as a blanket, cut off the outside air to warm effect

5. first aid blanket palm size, blanket type design, ultra-thin, easy to close, easy to carry

6 .in the outdoor environment, this product is the international general emergency life-saving essential goods, suitable for the field exploration, investigation, tourism, disaster occurs when the use.


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John M.
Australia Australia

Colour is a good option

Like this one better than the plain one. Good to have orange signal side.