Goshawk Spirit Burner Victoria OP-02

Goshawk Spirit Burner Victoria OP-02


The OP series will be launched in 2022.
The first burner in the series is the OP-02 "Victoria".

OP-02 "Victoria" has a reliable stand;
Excellent boiling and simmering;
Suitable for outdoor use;
Foldable storage;
With simmer ring.

OP-02 "Victoria" looks simple. It has everything a brass spirit burner should have. This also means that it conforms to the habit you have developed over the years.

And it can boil two cups of water in 5 minutes.

OP series puts ease of use as the top priority. OP-02 "Victoria" will not excessively pursue the performance and appearance of the burner. We look forward to returning to the perspective of backpacking to consider what is necessary.


Happy New Year!

Goshawk team