Goshawk Boil & Simmer Burner Babylon EDDY-502

Goshawk Boil & Simmer Burner Babylon EDDY-502


"Babylon" can be switched between boiling, simmering and closing.
All of this, you only need to pull the joystick. 

"Babylon" has a copper tube structure inherited from the EDDY-X series. This makes its burning effect as good as ever.

"Babylon" has a greater capacity. It can boil two cups of water within 5 minutes. And run for 66 minutes in the simmering mode.

We sew heat insulation holsters for it by ourselves. We are not very well at doing this, but we tried our best.  So if you do better, we will be pleased that you completed it by yourself.:)
These holsters are not genuine leather. We will never use genuine leather to make any products!

The price of "Babylon" and holsters is $79.97. If you can finish the holsters yourself, please buy a burner for $69.97.
We believe that holsters are necessary accessories for this stove. If your hands are as awkward as ours and afraid of getting hot as ours, choose our holsters, please.