Titanium Multi-fuel Burner Cooking System

Titanium Multi-fuel Burner Cooking System

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Titanium Multi-fuel Burner Cooking System
All made in titanium- 750ml cup and Wood Gasifier Cooker.

The cooker weighs only 100 grams! The lightest Wood Gasifier Cooker (wood stove that can provide secondary oxygen).
The whole cooking system only weighs up 210 grams. Suitable for 1-2 people ultra-light outfit hiking. Just rely on firewood to get a steady stream of power!

Also Suitable for Goshawk Siphon Alcohol Stove eddy-001. Its backup plan will help you to deal with changing weather.


  • Nick

    Hi, yes they can. These will be its premium fuel.
    And Its height is 100mm, the diameter is 92mm. The effective height of the combustion chamber is 65mm and the diameter is 79mm.

  • Allan

    Will ths be able to burn wood pellets?

  • Allan

    Good day,

    I would like to know the overall dimensions of the new wood/alcohol burner and its burn chamber.

    Thank you

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