The second demo version of BOOK STOVE 4.5"

The second demo version of BOOK STOVE 4.5"


The second demo version has been produced. We have made modifications based on experience gained with the first version.

The second demo version will be tested in 3 weeks.


  • Mike

    I use wood stove quite a lot in the backcountry. Three things I look when getting a stove are air flow, ease of feeding and ease of deployment. Most stoves have good air flow, but not many have good feeding. I don’t bring wood pellets to the backcountry like @Aki suggested: it’s a crazy idea. One thing I hate to do is processing wood. I just want to be able to feed big and long chunks of wood without cutting, splitting, or breaking. That means big port(s) are needed at the bottom where you can just continually put in your fuel. it’s really cumbersome to feed from the top, you have to continually move your pot around. And being able to assemble my wood stoves without attaching plates is seek. My current stove is Winnerwell and Picogrill 180. Both are quite good. FireTower by Arnaud is an interesting concept, but heavy. MySurvivalPack stoves are also good, but cumbersome assembling and disassembling. Let me know if you want to hear an idea I have in mind.

  • Ben

    It has been tested that the ventilation is adequate and not excessive. We direct the airflow in from under the wood stove and flow out from the bottom of the pot. This air duct will be stable in non-destructive weather.
    It is compatible with Trangia and eddy-x series alcohol burners.

  • Andrew Badinski

    Hello, looking very much forward to seeing the final product. Just wondering if this current version has adequate ventilation around the sides?
    Also are the peg slots designed to accommodate a trangia or similar alcohol burner? . I know your team are probably all over it judging by your other products. My Eddy 206 atomic has very quickly become my favorite stove.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Aki

    Very interesting product!
    Unfortunately, the holes in the bottom corners are too big to use wood pellets as fuel.
    But I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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