The Era burner and its modules are ready

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The Era burner and its modules are ready

The Era burner is made of aerospace AA7075-T6 aluminium alloy by hard anodizing.

Double pressure gives double power.

The internal heat storage module preheats the vaporized alcohol after the heat is completely stored and pushes the burner to the highest power.


The burner with AZ-0 windproof stand can boil two cups of water in 3 minutes(Ethanol).

The AZ-0 windproof stand will be bundled and sold as a basic module.

The Era cooking system is modular. You will be able to assemble and disassemble any component.

R&D and creation are our greatest pleasure! We will continue to make more components for this system.


We are fully producing them and will release the products when sufficient quantities are produced. Please understand that the productivity of our studio is limited. Our estimated time is early October.

We will update the product on a large scale by then! We always have a lot of great ideas! (Some of us think so)

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