Flame controllable burner EDDY-502 "Babylon"

Flame controllable burner EDDY-502 "Babylon"

"Babylon" is a flame-controllable burner.

The stove is made of brass. The eight copper tubes inside can ensure that the combustion efficiency of the burner is at its peak.

You only need to pull the joystick. "Babylon" can be switched between boiling and simmering.

The burner has a sealing cover. Can store surplus fuel.

Optional Thermal insulation holster.


  • Roy DeHart

    Send me one as sone as possible.

    Thank YOU

  • Ludovic

    Adjustable flame control and larger capacity burner!
    Just another great invention of yours!

  • Michael

    Looks amazing can’t wait for this Goshawk burner to arrive.

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