AZ-1 module of Era Burners

AZ-1 module of Era Burners

Simmer Ring & Sealing Cap & Sturdy Stand

It is versatile as the first set of replacement modules of Era burners.

Simmer ring?
Yes, it is. The AZ-1 has two flame limits. You can switch between full power, half power and simmer.

Sealed lid?
Yes, it is. The era will allow you to turn it off mid-use. And seal the remaining fuel in the Burner.

More stable stand?
Yes, it is. We've been thinking about what else is missing from the AZ-0 module. The wide stand of stainless steel will provide you with a sense of security.


Estimated time to list in June. Retail price is AUD 30.






    Wheh. Bet dat price gonna be nice, but I will get one no doubt lol

  • Swag

    Looks like some good things are in the pipeline ! 👍

  • Eric

    Been thinking about buying the ERA burner. Looking forward to the new bundle!

  • Rick Gleeson

    Will I be able to buy the burner with all of this

  • Brewski

    New owner of the ERA stove. Hope to be emailed when the new modules are available to buy.

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