Return to the origin - OP-100

Return to the origin - OP-100

Made of hard anodized aluminium

Windproof stand

Simmer ring (Demo)

Sealing cap

Swirling flame

Blooming fast




  • Ke

    When will the Simmer Ring be ready to ship? Also can the simmer ring be used to put out the flame as a snuffer?

  • Laval Peloquin

    Goshawk Stove People,
    I am an old Iowa woodsman and long distance motorcycle tourer/camper. I cook outside and on the road. Alcohol stove are a favorite of mine.
    I bought an ERA Burner with windscreen as well as the AZ-1 module. Great cooker for the adventurer.
    I recently bought the Swirling Flame OP100 and windscreen. I also got one for my fellow woodsman Buffalo Bob for his 70th birthday. He’s gonna love it!
    I saw the planned simmer ring for the OP-100 on your site. Let me know when they are available, I need one!
    Thank you for the fine products. You make the best!!!
    Your Iowa USA fan,
    L.A. Peloquin


    Hope the total height is less than 70mm

  • Ben

    The Simmer Ring & Windproof Stand is expected to be listed in June. Thank you very much for your attention!

  • Michael

    Looks great, when can I buy the system with the simmer ring and windproof stand?

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