Pure aluminium UL bracket Mini Alcohol Stove

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With the Simmering Ring 
The Simmering Ring gives you flame control by dropping it over the top of the burner, so you can boil water or simmer your laksa, and it packs away neatly inside the cooker assembly. 
We made the world's lightest alcohol stove for the strict Ultralight walkers. 
It is not made from the current popular titanium material. We chose pure aluminium because it is the best choice for much ultra-light outdoor gear.
Titanium is indeed a tough and light material. It is ideal for making outdoor equipment with high hardness requirements, such as tent pegs and cutlery. 

However, titanium's thermal conductivity is very low, which makes it not the best choice for heating tools such as pots and stoves.
Aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity, which saves a lot of fuel. This outdoors means that your backpack is lighter – lighter and lighter.

Although the aluminium alcohol stove is not as strong as other conventional materials, why do we need an indestructible alcohol stove
What we need is a stove that is energy efficient and lightweight, won't be easily damaged, not a stove that can withstand the bombardment!

It has enough strength and won't be easily deformed in your backpack. At the same time, it is sufficiently malleable, even if a hard object bumps it, it will not leak, but it will only produce a small pit. 
It is light enough, just 20g! And the heat conduction of aluminium is good, so the preheating is very fast. It can be put into the working state in only 20s. PS: at room temperature

Its cooling is also fast, which means it can be replenished with alcohol or put into a backpack more quickly.
Aluminium does not change colour due to heat, so it will always be the original silver.
It comes with a sealed lid that extinguishes the flame or temporarily stores alcohol that has not been used up the night before. But please don't pack it, if there is still alcohol inside.

Finally, don't add alcohol if it's still burning!

The burner's capacity is 100ml, and the fuel can be continuously burned for 45min each time.
The burner is made of synthetic aluminium 1N11 with the highest thermal conductivity.
It got the highest starting speed and shortened the burning time.

Stainless steel alcohol stoves weigh                        70g
Titanium alcohol stoves usually weigh                     45g
Pure aluminium alcohol stove weighs 20g

Alcohol stove size:
Height 42mm
Outer diameter 70mm
Inner diameter 40mm

Windshield bracket size: 99mm x 29mm

Stainless steel Alcohol stove 20g
Stainless steel Windshield bracket 5g/ea

Goshawk Pure aluminium UL Alcohol stove x 1
Goshawk Pure aluminium UL Cover             x 1
Goshawk Pure aluminium UL bracket           x 2
Goshawk Linen storage bag                        x 1


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