Stainless steel Spoon Fork Knife 3in1

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Stainless steel Spoon Fork Knife 3in1

It won't rust and is easy to clean in the wild.

-3 in 1 cutlery tool including a fork, knife and spoon.
-Take this wherever you go out camping, hiking or use it every day at work.
-You can put this in your bag, pocket or desk drawer.
-Or just own it and look cool or take it when you go camping, go on holidays or on your boat, biking, anywhere outdoors.
-It won't rust and is easy to clean in the wild.

-Saves space, handy, compact, ultralight
Width 35mmmm x length 200mm x thickness 2mm.


Stainless steel Spoon Fork Knife 3in1 Backpacking Camping Hiking with Linen Bag
Comes with a Linen storage bag.

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