Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Pot

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Made of austenitic stainless steel (marine grade stainless steel), easy to clean. Respond to high-intensity outdoor challenges. Suitable for 1-2 people to use in adventure.

Draining pasta or vegetables is a breeze as the pot have a professional water filter, and you can get precise measurements when cooking as the side of these pots have a graded scale. Large flow does not overflow

Thicken the bottom of the frying pan, flip the reinforced handle

They can be placed on open flames such as campfires and boiled.

The thickened anti-scalding handle is made of transparent heat-insulating material.


Total weight: 355g

Overall height: 15.5cm


Small frying pan

Height: 4cm

Diameter: 11.5cm



Height: 12.2cm

Diameter: 12.2cm


C-001 Austenitic Stainless Steel Cookware

Storage Bag