Siphon Alcohol Stove & Ti Stand & Simmering Ring

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Capillary Hoop Stove has the highest fuel efficiency currently.
A conventional alcohol stove requires 22g-30g of fuel to boil 500ml of water. But the CHS stove only needs about 15g. 
It has a vortex flame channel and an inwardly burning flame. This allows the flame to burn fully and can be applied to pots or cups with smaller diameters.
The flame will be fully utilized and will not heat the sky.

The Capillary Hoop Stove we made has a delicate capillary layer, which can be Start-up within 12 seconds (ambient temperature 15-25 degrees).

It has a large capacity and can hold 90ml of alcohol. It also comes with a sealing cover for easy carrying (60ml alcohol burns best)

Our technicians manually adjust each burner's burning hole, and the flame is sprayed at a specific angle to form a vortex flame.

It has extremely high thermal efficiency, boil 500ml of water in 5 minutes and 25 seconds, and only consumes 14g of fuel. Every 30ml of fuel burn it up to 12 minutes and 25seconds. (60ml≈25mins)

With the Simmering Ring 
The Simmering Ring gives you flame control by dropping it over the top of the burner, so you can boil water or simmer your laksa, 
and it packs away neatly inside the cooker assembly. 

With Titanium Alloy Folding Stand
Titanium alloy rotating folding stand. Made of titanium alloy, it is easy to carry and has high strength.

Weight: 18g

Height: 42mm

Diameter: 71mm

Material: Ultralight Aluminum

Maximum capacity: 90ml (60ml recommended)

Start-up time (warm-up time): 12 seconds

Fuel consumption/heating power (reference): 
From 500ml of water and 30ml of fuel on the fire, boiled at 5:25 and extinguished at 12:25 (depending on the ambient temperature and other conditions)

Goshawk CHS stove                  x 1
Sealing Lid                               x 1
Storage Bag                               x 1
Simmering Ring                           x 1
Titanium Alloy Folding Stand       x 1