Goshawk UL-12 Ultralight Cook Set

Goshawk UL-12 Ultralight Cook Set

Expected to cost $87.79


Referring to the 70-year old classic, we are designing a Cook Set with the same functionality.

We lowered the windshield Lower height, which makes them lighter. A non-porous handle is easier to clean. We put kettles and 300ml of ultralight aluminum alcohol bottles into the standard set, so you don't have to buy them extra now. 2 L and 1.5 L saucepan, more flexible applies to many people.

We used un-uniform stretching technology to process two saucepans in the set. The bottom of the saucepan has maintained thickness of 1.2mm to maximize the product’s heat storage capacity and thermal conductivity, while reducing the weight of wall to make it light.  The surface of our product has been brushed and oxidized, which protects our product from surrounded environment such as water and air that may contribute to degradation and corrosion.


-ALL-IN-ONE COOKING SET: Ultra-Lightweight design makes this cooking set a fantastic choice for trekking or overnight backpacking for 3-4 people.

 -This stove has an easy-to-light spirit burner with a simmer ring to control and extinguish the flame and a two-part windshield “upper & lower” for keeping your flame safe from the bitterly cold wind. The hooks on the upper part of the windshield can be turned up and down to provide a solid support for different cooking sets.

 -UL-aluminium refill bottle can carry up to 300mL fuel alcohol (roughly 5 times use).




-Handle strap                         

-Saucepan 2.0 liter                     

-Saucepan 1.5 liter                     

-Frying pan 215 mm                    

-Frying pan 180 mm                    

-Windsheilds upper                    

-Windsheilds lower                    

-Kettle in aluminium 0.9 liter             

-UL-aluminium alcohol refill bottl          

-Spirit burner with simmer ring & lid    


Ultralight aluminium is made from 1N00 aluminium. It is 10% tougher compare to the pure form, while it has extremely high levels of thermo conductivity and corrosion resistance. Ultralight aluminium is extremely tough and hard to damage.

Ultralight aluminium is malleable metal, violent collisions or extrusion may cause product deformation.

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